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its gotta be the fact its wall mart. The article said Target has its own bank. The issues are no different with Wallmart except wall mart is more popular to beat up in the media, and blame for the down fall of small town business districts and mom and pop shops. The issue either is "hey i beat up on wall mart i am pro american jobs/anti outsourcing" or other retailers not wanting to compete with wall mart as they exist today, much less with any other advantage that they can further trim costs from and gain another effeciency. Its every other mass retailers worst nightmare. That wallmart has a further effeciency they dont and cant easily manage, or have the same net benefit wall mart will likely see cause they are so great at trimming costs and running a tight ship.

I think the legislators know they cant deny wall mart, they are jsut posturing for face time on TV and to seem tough on giant corps like wall mart.

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