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Originally Posted by K&J's Dad View Post
1. I control what I can. What I can't control, I have to have trust in others that they will act in my best interest.

2. We, as humans, don't know everything. Once you realize this, then you wouldn't need a god to worship.
1. Trust someone besides yourself? How could you!? I also control what I can, but I am wise enoughto know that I cannot control it all, in fact, I can control very little. This is why I say that I need God, because I trust he will act in ways that are best for me. I am glad we agree that we cannot control everything and need to trust others.

2. Agreed again! We don't know everything. But my realization of my limitations does not draw me away from God, it draws me towards him. This is not out of some strange need to answer the "why" question, because with God, the answers are still not always clear, but there is trust that they fit into his best for me, be it difficult or otherwise.

So why does your realization of a need to trust and realization of your limited knowledge lead you to conclude so certainly that God is fake? Do you suppose that your limited control and limited knowledge can be so sure of this? Who do you say that Jesus is/was?
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