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I control what I can. What I can't control, I have to have trust in others that they will act in my best interest.
other people's influence - I do my job the best I can. I can't stop my boss from running the business into the ground but I do trust that he is running the business so we can both keep our jobs and make money along the way.
biological influence - I eat somewhat healthy ( I like chocolate and beer) and exercise regularly. Heart disease runs in my family so I take care of my body the best I can but also understand that genetics has a say in my health. I get a sinus infection twice a year and am very prone to them after getting a cold or during allergy season. I try to keep stress at a minimum to keep my immune system as high as possible.

A god doesn't affect anything in either situation. It merely becomes an excuse to explain something that you can't comprehend or want to comprehend. We, as humans, don't know everything. Once you realize this, then you wouldn't need a god to worship. Following a religion is taking the stance that we have an answer for everything. Why do we have to have an answer? Can't you be satisfied knowing that we don't know? I don't need to fill the gaps by following or worshipping a god. I can accept the fact that some things are not comprehendable by the human brain.
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