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Originally Posted by Dave Kerwin View Post
I am still a screw up, and I have no actual control over my life. Surely I can type this statement, I can control that, but there is more that is out of my control. Whether it be sickness, job loss, a cheating spouce, or whatever. The point is that I have found that I am unable to do life on my own, on my own power, with only my own resources.
Sickness - god didn't make you sick. It was either the bacteria or virus you were subjected too. The medicine and your body got you better. Or it was genetics, always a possibility. Or you threw out your back while shoveling because you are not in shape and didn't bend at the knees.
This can be genetic or just because it is cold season, etc..
Job loss - you didn't work hard enough, downloaded too much porn onto the company computer, owner ran the business poorly, owner sold the company to make more money, etc..
You may have control over this or someone else does.
Cheating spouse - they wanted more, they were selfish, you didn't spend enough time with this person, poor communication, etc..
Same here. You have some control over this.

Most things boil down to who you surround yourself with. If you deal with shady people then you will get shafted. Surround yourself with trusting people and you will be rewarded. Quite simple really. You don't need god to explain these things. Look at the nice folks on this board. How many people have broken down and had someone help out simply beause they saw the sticker on the side of their rig? This is because a lot of the people on this board are trust worthy folk, not because god told them to stop. They would hope that if they were in the same situation, someone would help them out.
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