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Talking I am bringing this to the top for a reason......

Because my esteemed competitor seems to believe everything I say is directed against him. Well this is not and if you read it I do say how some welding is always unavoidable. And in the case of differential covers we are in complete agreement because we make them the same way, the only way that makes sense. However, we make over 200 things that are not Diff Covers.

This is directed towards addressing the increasing complexity of bracketry when it simply has no need to be that way. Also, I have tried to address the slippage of standards when doing a common 3 or 4 link front suspension to make it easier to make. Removing the seperation of the upper and lower links dosen't make it handle or work better, it makes it easier to make and is the easy way out.

My thoughts on bushed sleeves simply point out that when you buy bushed sleeves you don't buy on price, you buy on strength and ability to service them for a fair price. You would never want to make the sleeve weaker than the tube that is attached to and the bushings nearly unreplaceable.

And finally Bending steel, bending is the right way to go when you have the choice. Bends will always be stronger than welds if they are possible without damaging the integrity of the material being bent. We never bend to an extreme, we bend to an appropriate level, if it needs more than that we will of course start with 2 pieces and weld but if it can be bent it should be bent.

That was what I wanted to say and I think I said it the first time too!
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