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Default The greatest thing I have EVER learned in seeking God.

The GREATEST thing I have ever learned both in seeking God and in life in general, comes in three short words: I need God.

Now don't let such a simple statement go without some consideration, after all, it truely is the greatest thing I have ever learned (seriously). I like to pat myself on the back for accomplishing certain things, getting to a certain level at my job, at doing my best to be a good person, my best to be a good Husband, my best to be a good Father, my best to be a good follower of God. However... .. I am still a screw up, and I have no actual control over my life. Surely I can type this statement, I can control that, but there is more that is out of my control. Whether it be sickness, job loss, a cheating spouce, or whatever. The point is that I have found that I am unable to do life on my own, on my own power, with only my own resources. Now being a man, this statement is seemingly weak, but in it, I have found strength. I need God for forgiveness, I need God for a good future, and I need God for a meaningful present. God sending Jesus Christ is the answer to all my dilemmas. I don't need God to make my life comfortable, but I sure need him for everything else. It seems to me that such an acknowledgment of need is the foundation of life in faith. My future, in all aspects, is in the hands of God, and I need him to make it. Just thought I would share. Do you need him?
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