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Arrow Ruffstuff Specialties Differential Covers!

Our diff Covers pretty much speak for themselves. But here are a few important points to consider when purchasing a differential cover......

#1 - Real Thickness before you start paying more for additional thickness. Our Covers are ALL 3/8" thick at no extra cost to you. No other manufacturer uses 3/8" plate.

#2 - Materials they are made of. ALL of our covers are made of A50 (536) plate steel, it costs' about .27-.30 more per pound but the additional strength is worth it.

#3 - Fill plug placement. We put the fill plug in the area you want it to be so you can easily check the fluid level. It is above the stock plug position but not so high so as to allow overfilling. Overfilling will just blow out seals, don't do it!

#4 - Welding. Our covers are all welded INSIDE & OUT, not just what you see, they are all welded by a certified welder in the US and not just any welder but very experienced welders.

#5 - Finish Machining. We all know that when steel is heated it moves, there is no changing that no matter how well it is jigged. We ALWAYS machine our covers flat after welding. No other manufacturer does this.

#6 - Fair priced options that make sense. Our Drainplug is in the most protected area of the cover, not in the first place you hit. It cost's $5, no reason it should cost more.

#7 - Shipping Cost to you is $11.50 for 1 but we can ship 2 for the same cost, that is for anywhere in the US & Territories including Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Alaska, Hawaii & of course Michigan!

#8 - The GL4X4 10% discount. It just makes a good deal better. Use it on anything we make except for beadlocks, they are a screaming deal already! And our covers start at $110 each so you can see the savings.....

#9 - Variety. We make 11 different covers, we want to be your cover manufacturer! 14 Bolt, D70, D60, D44, D35, D30, Ford 8.8, Chrysler 8.25, Toyota FJ40 /55/ 60, Chrysler 9.25", and the Dodge 9.25!

#10 - Guarantee. Our Differential covers & all of our products have Always had an Unconditional Full Guarantee!

Here is a little example, a D60 and a Ford 8.8

I would like to invite those of you that haven't yet seen our website to take a look at what we have to offer, we don't just make Great Differential Covers, we make ALL the odds and ends to do your rig right!

BTW, we did not invent the differential cover, we just found ways to make them better.......
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