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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler View Post
Ok. I am really sick of hearing the religious folks rant about people saying Happy Holidays and screaming about how this is the atheist revolution infringing on their right to say Merry Christmas. Bullshit. Happy Holidays was popular as far back into the 1970's as I can remember. Happy Holidays was the way you basically said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all bundled into a shorter phrase. It wasn't some conspiracy to deny you the right to say Merry Christmas. You people listen to too many talk shows. I say both Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. They are interchangeable. Happy Holidays isn't some PC new idea that just showed up. Shut up already.

And by the way, Christmas is the celebration of a pagan rite. A religious Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus would be on his birthday, which has been proven to not even happen during the month of December.

bs. people use happy holidays so as to not upset others, you see more and more stores that will not use the word christmas at all because some scared jackass will bitch about it. I dont care which you say, but christmas is about Jesus and god. live with it,. (so you must belive in Jesus going by the proof you spoke of)
god bless
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