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December 7, 2007



In a phone conservation this morning with one of our contacts in Lansing, we were informed that a hearing will be held on HB 4323 in 2008. At this time, the schedule is extremely busy, with some very high priority items needing immediate attention.

As we progress on this Bill, we cannot stress enough, the single most important thing is for people to contact their State Senator and let them know they support HB 4323 “as presented from the House”. One can bet the opposition is letting their position known.

We as members of the ORV community and residents want HB 4323 placed into law for the following reasons;

SAFETY: HB 4323 will place stronger emphasis on “adult visual supervision”.
HB 4323 will give us more hours of enforcement by County Sheriff’s.
HB 4323 will not permit anyone under 12 on public roadways.
HB 4323 sets a state wide maximum speed of ORV’s on a roadway.

HB 4323 will permit you the user to use your ORV for literally dozens of errands by the
using public roadway where permitted by local ordinance.

HB 4323 where permitted by local ordinance will allow you ride to the gas station,
corner store, the neighbors, ride around the square or perhaps from West Branch
to Cheboygan or across the UP, using county roads.

HB 4323 will become an economic generator for Michigan with 350,000 ORV’s
currently titled. 4323 will give people a reason to get out and enjoy Michigan’s
great outdoors.

HB 4323 provides some very stiff penalties for those who do damage to the
the most sensitive areas of our environment.

During this Holiday Season as you circulate among friends and family and other users, encourage them to contact their State Senator and express their support of HB 4323 “as presented from the House”. There is no better time than now for your voice to be heard in your State Senators office.
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