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Default "Bullet Proof Diff Covers" $110 TYD

Bullet Proof you ask? JP magazine said so not us........

First I want to say a couple of things. We weld our covers, we are the only ones who will weld our covers. My main reason is this, I take pride in our product and the quality and look of it. I pay extremely well for the best welders in the country to do these units and amazingly they are built here locally. I do not charge extra for this as I believe you should have the best available for your hard earned money. For those of you who know what a quality weld looks like you know who and what I am talking about. Do not let someone scare you into thinking welding is a weak point either and if you believe this do not walk into any steel structured buildings ever again as every joint has at least one weld on it. Difference is in the engineering thus why use 3/8" when it is apparent 1/4 will not break. If you wheel you do not want a heavy rig it adds up and may make obstacles unobtainable that a lighter vehicle would have ran easily. We know this because we actually wheel a rig for recreation / competitions instead of say canoeing. Get my drift. Comp Tested, Customer Approved Built right hear in Steel Central

Well, in the 6+ years we have been producing these there have been alot of changes and updates to our line. I thought that we should try and cover all of our options and updates here for you since we are new to this board.

So here are our specs................ all for $100 per cover

- Bolt ring 1/2" thick (we engineer strength where it is needed )

- 1 pc machined fill plug, placed for added oil capacity (Sterling and 8.8 can be added upon request)

- 1/4" thick one piece cnc formed cover (why not thicker? read the warranty)

Only at Glo x-tra cost options......................

- Counterbored mount holes (yes all of them, for a clean quality look)

- Integrated drain (ever cross deep water? Drain it out replace fluid and go)

- 1/2" mid plating severe abuse, makes a nice hydro steer mounting point

- Upper Truss Tab (nice for hooking into your homemade truss)

- And everything in between

Models available
Dana 80
Dana 70
Dana 60
Dana 44
14 bolt 10.5" R&P
14 bolt 11.5 R&P (to be released week of 8-25-06)
Ford Sterling
Ford 8.8

Warranty ( No B.S. Fine Print )
You break it under use we replace it and add you to the hall of fame as it has never been done in the last 6 years. Our design has been engineered for strength. We weld these the proper way utilizing machined fixtures

Running Rockwells? We have a cover for that too just ask us for a quote. Thanks Shawn
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