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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
well it doesn't matter now cuz i don't care what anyone says. i'll never meet anyone from here in person so i don't give a damn. my self esteem can't get any lower so i don't think thats a factor anymore. now i'm just here to humor you people. kinda helps i've had a few shots of vodka and feeling pretty good now actually...
Dude, you really have the wrong aditude. Ever heard that life is 2% what happens to you and 98% how you react to it? We've all had hard luck, shit I've been homeless before, but I kept on truckin' and now I'm very happy with my life (most days anyway) Quit whinning, get off your ass, and make something good happen.

BTW I'm so sick of hearing how bad our economy sucks. People are still buying big screen TVs and new cars. How do you suppose they afford all that? They're not all Doctors and Lawyers. There's no reason that you can't find a job if you really want one. Put your mind to it and make it happen. Get your shit together and a girlfriend will find you.
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