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Default Merry Christmas from Two Penny Jenni

A cold Christmas Eve, courtesy of Granholm

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the state, the
people were starving while Granholm ate steak.

She looked at her administration and said with a laugh, "We evicted them all.
Who else can we shaft?"

"Please pass me the steak, I'll give it some thought.
Don't waste all this food the taxpayers bought."

She looked out the window all snowy and cold, when up she
did jump: "Let's go after the old."

We'll go after their pensions, their Medicare and all, we'll make their lives
miserable, we'll all have a ball.

They talked about prisons, the inmates and staff, with a gleam in her eye said,
"The guards we can shaft."

We'll lay off large numbers, we'll work them alone.

We don't give a darn, we're safe in our home.

They all raised their glasses, said a toast we must do:

"Here's to all the poor people and homeless we screw."

We'll take all their welfare, their food and their heat we'll shut down some
prisons, put the cons on the street.

We'll put them on tethers, probation and parole and turn them all loose, with no place to go.

They won't have a job, they'll live on the street.

Their only survival is whom they rob, rape or beat.

So up they did jump after a wonderful meal.

They jumped in their foreign cars, no Fords, Chevy's or Olds

All through the night they sped like the wind "Don't worry about tickets, the
cops are all friends."

So to all of the jobless, she flashed a big grin you have nothing coming, you ()voted us in.
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