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Default 1995 XJ Build - BDS Long Arm, Cage, Durabak, etc

Ok, this will be the official thread for this. We are moving lots of pics around and stuff (moving to a new server) so give me some time to get the pics we have till now up and get you caught up with the progress.

This all started with the old trusty Yj finally rusting to the point that it needed a new body. So after talking thinking about it and talking it over, we thought it would be a good time to go a different direction and build a vehicle with more room for passengers, gear, tools, parts and what not.

I say we in many places because this Jeep is being partially built by high school students and they are calling the shots. They chose the vehicle, colors, mods, lift, lighting, etc. When completed, this vehicle will be used in the same way as the YJ was. Students get to drive it in the local mud drags, parades and off road events and competitions. We also take it to car and truck shows, visit other schools with it and use it for general PR for the Career Center. In the winter, many times we have been called to help get hospital staff to work and we always use it to get students out of the ditches around the school.

Convert to 4wd
BDS True 4 link Long Arm
8.8 rear, HPd30 front, both alloy, both locked
Kalkaska Fab front bumper
Essentially Off Road full internal cage
Bunch of stuff from Jeeperz Creeperz
Bunch of stuff from North West 4x4
Durabak partial exterior and cargo area

This is what we started with. A 1995 2 wheel drive XJ. Saved from the salvage yard. Yes, it was in the junk yard. Said to have a bad motor. Vehicle had a Missouri plate on it and it was last registered 2 years ago.

The day it made it to the shop.

So the inside is a bit rough. We'll see what we can do with it.

The inside cleaned up pretty good but it is all still soaked and smells SUPER bad since it was sitting there for a while with a busted window. We will gut the inside and do some inspections, cleaning and other things.

Cargo area will be stripped of carpet, a reinforcement will be welded/bolted in, and the rear shocks will be in boarded to this. Then the whole cargo area will be covered with Durabak. The spare will be stored inside, as well as a toll/parts storage device.

Very very little rust on this thing.

Removed the seats

Drivers side floor great

Passenger side floor slightly damaged from running it with the exhaust busted right at the cat and sitting with the passenger front window busted out. A few small pin holes and some surface rust. Nothing big.

The engine, needs some cleaning, new fluids, new battery, air filter etc. The normal stuff. The AC clutch is busted but the system is still charged. We will swap the clutch off the other XJ I have that will play donor for parts.

Engine power washed

Did the carpet too

Paint is really sun faded but buffs out great

Updates as we can get stuff uploaded. We are much further along than this.

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