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Originally Posted by rockrat View Post
That's funny, I ran my Irons route for FedEx and they routed me down 5 NF trails. Glad I was in the smaller van instead of the larger 1000 cube vans; either way trail riding and getting paid for it
That's taking "absolutely, positively overnight" to the extreme....

Looking thru my great big MIchigan Off Road Guide it states that the ORV trail-ATV Insignia trail sign identifies "ORV trails, which are maintained for use by ORV's that are 50 inches wide or less. The maintenance standard for this type of ORV trail is 50 inches clear on the ground all the way up to 96 inches in height." Doesn't say it's illegal to be over 50" wide (the book does spell out specific legalities in other areas) it just says it's only going to be at least 50" wide.

The bigger issue, as stated by others, is who can reasonably afford to challenge this in the "ABATE helmet of choice" manner.... i.e. get a ticket, lose a day's pay sitting in court, and likely end up paying the fine anyway....not to mention travel costs... A civics teacher I had in high school way back in 78 told us that most laws are written for the benefit of the state, especially any that have to do with taxes or fines....
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