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Rudy seems like too much of a democrat in republican clothing - basically I think what NYC considers a conservative would be left of a moderate like John Dingell. His lukewarm 2nd Amendment position combined with a real track record of gun-banning eliminates him for me.

Huckabee doesn't come off as having a "Presidential bearing" for me. Seems petty, but I believe that a huge amount of today's problems (i.e. being challenged by Islamofacists) stem from Jimmuh Carter being viewed as accommodating and weak back in the day.

In theory, there's a lot I'd like about Ron Paul (believer in small government, Roe v. Wade choice not taking a centerpiece in his platform, independence from the religious right, etc...). However, he comes across as either (a) a nutjob, (b) too caught up reading his own press materials, or (c) both. He has the potential to be a spoiler third party candidate, splitting the vote and electing the leading (who is Hillary today, but her Nixonian paranoia has plenty of time to torpedo her before the election).

Basically, it comes down to McCain and Romney as contenders. McCain's age is already being turned against him (remember what the media did to Bob Dole), so I think we're looking at Romney, and the "Mormon thing" will hurt him - a lot.
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