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Default 97 Ram 1500 Questions

I got a 97 Ram 1500 5.2 4x4. When I got it some dumbshit decided it would be a great idea to put "true duals" on it. Its got 2 cats, and 2 flowmasters. I keep getting a check engine light, and when read its "Left bank too Lean". Well I decided since it had 120,000, replacing the O2 sensors wouldnt be a bad thing. Well I can only find one, on the left side pipe after the cat. When I went to autozone, I got the O2 sensor for after the cat. Well it did not fit, the plug was diffrent. So when I took it back with the one that was in there, we figured out it was the O2 sensor for "before" the cat. But the problem is its located "after" the cat. I cant find any other wires or anything for a missing O2 sensor. Can anyone shed any light on this? According to some people ive talked to, I am suppose to have one before and after the cat. I want to fix this cluster mess and get the truck to run right, and hopefully get a few extra MPG

And also I was wondering if anyone has ever took a Newer Sport bumper, like the full painted one that the fogs are on the outside, like on the 99's and put it on a older one like mine. Also where could I find one, would it be cheaper to buy one from a body shop or something? Would I need brackets? I just like the look of the newer fully painted bumper verus the older metal one.

Thanks for your help!
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