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Originally Posted by fullthrottle View Post
fucking name a "animal" muhummad??


imma go around and put name tags on all the road kill i see w/ muhummad.

any religious hero/leader/figment of somesheetheadsimagination, who claims it's goodly to kill opposeing religions with self suicide and massacre is just fing completely stupid... muhummad is a cow fing bastard, who should hide in a cave and burn 1 page of the holy koran a hour to stay warm till he dies of starvation.

p.s. if baby jesus was mary's to raise? then god broke he's own 10 commandments by knocking the beotch up. poor joseph got cock blocked
screw all religion..start fing believeing in your goddam selves ,u ignorant assholes!

rant over.

p.s. yes this is about the british woman being charged for incited riot and religios blah blah blah.

What is this all you like pissing off people who normally would leave you alone? I DON"T GET THIS, and I don't understand why you think it is okay to say it.
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