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Default Help prevent closures at MOAB

Originally Posted by Txjake
Alright boys and girls. This is it! The final push. Anyone and everyone needs to put a short letter together TODAY!!!!! Even if you never do anything else about land use do this one thing, please, please, please.

The new Moab Resource Management Plan will be finalized by next summer. Depending on how things go, somewhere between 3300 and 3900 miles of EXISTING, DOCUMENTED routes WILL be closed. Keep it closer to 3300 by spending a few minutes reading this post.

The public comment period is open until Friday November 30th!

Your comments will determine how many miles and trails are lost.

Here is a ton of information from Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association, Red Rock 4 Wheelers, Moab Friends-For-Wheelin', and Blueribbon Coalition:

Please, please, please, take a few minutes to download this document and read it before submitting your comments. We need substantive comments.

Page 7 lists the most important 4x4 specific issues.

Page 15 lists an awesome sample comment letter by BRC.

Page 18 is the official comment letter from Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association.

Page 3 has the address/email for submitting comments

We also have some sweet map comparisons here:

A high-up anti-OHV rep boasted that we wouldn't even come close to matching the number of comments they will submit. They are counting on the apathy of 4x4 users to institute these closures in Moab. Don't let them win!

Spend 10 minutes to help save a trail!


Q: Why don't you just list the email address to submit comments?
A: Comments need to be substantive! Simple comments like, "please keep the roads open" or "I support OHV recreation" are worthless and will be discarded. Take a few minutes to read through the information provided, and submit your own comments.

Q: Why don't we use an automated "letter writer" online to submit comments?
A: Automatically generated comments are worthless! These comments are counted as ONE comment even if 10,000 people send in the email. The comments need to be personal, unique, and informed.

Q: Isn't this a little late notice?
A: Information about the RMP has been available for months all over the Internet, in publications, and on numerous online forums. But it's not too late! Submit your comments today!

PLEASE submit this to any off-road forums you visit...even international non-USA ones. EVERYONE can comment, regardless of nationality. Moab is legendary world-wide, I'm sure others would not like it being shut down the way it is being proposed.
I know it was posted before, but it looks like it is being brought up again due to the deadline
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