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Arrow A word about strength from Ruffstuff.......

I have been noticing a lot of skimping going on in the manufacture of parts and I would like to point out some of the things that set Ruffstuff apart from the competition.......

A real standout is Bushing size and the tube size holding those bushings. At Ruffstuff we use 1 Bushing and 1 Bushing Sleeve (Shell) for every application for a couple of reasons. We use a 2" X .25" wall Dom Shell for the obvious reasons, reasons like why would you weld something stronger to it only to have the shell fail? We use a standardized 1.5" OD with a .25" shoulder bushing because a larger bushing will last longer and allow a touch more flex. We also use the standardized bushing because you can find them anywhere and not be committed to a hard to find alternative. Both of these cost us more than what we see others using but if you want strength you want these and we price them like the others do so you don't pay extra for the extra strength.

The second thing, and most obvious thing is Bending. Many, many companies talk about their capabilities but they still make weld together brackets for more than we charge for stronger, bent brackets. Ok, I know some of you are pretty proud of your welding skills but its pretty simple, if it is welded it is weaker than if it is still the original piece and didn't need welding. Welding will Always cause a weak area no matter how good of a welder you are, Always. Ask any skilled welder. Another thing about welded pieces, if they weld them it is more expensive for you, if you weld them it is more time for you and bending just isn't expensive. In most cases bending is actually cheaper than welding. Do the math.

The last thing I would like to visit here is complexity of Fabrication brackets being made. WOW, they sure look cool when they have everything combined in 1 bracket but in reality how many times will it work for you? If you have a completely stock rig they will fit what they were designed for but if you had a stock rig you wouldn't be using them. I have also noticed the actual Upper Frame link locations being used on most 3 link systems, where did the seperation go, both vertically and lengthwise? Enough said.

The parts you use to Fabricate your rig are the backbone of the rig, don't skimp where it counts, breakdowns because a bracket failed just aren't acceptable.
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