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Agreed about how under rated the suspension is.

I was actually thinking about a D60 TTB (because who's done that?) and going with 5.12's for the 38" tires. I was also going to tube it out and do a custom width.. I paid good money for the drop brackets, and the D28 I'm told will not hold up well to the size tires I'm currently running, then throw a V8 on top of it. With a 6.12(?):1 crawler gear before the T-case I can put alot of torque to the wheels.

I like lower gears, it's not a highway rig or a DD. The gearing and tire combo that I have claim that if I hit 70 mph in top gear, that 302 would be turning somewhere in the 3,600RPM range. I was

I want to be getting some parts together for this project sooner rather than later, that why I inquired about that here. If the TTB D35 was stronger than the rear D35 I figured I'd inquire about the D44. It still seems odd to me that the TTB one is so much stronger.

Thanks Chris!

About putting a Solid Axle in, could you use the stock radius arms and then just make a trac bar from the passenger drop bracket? I think that would keep everything where it's supposed to be. Is that a good or bad idea?

*edit: Is the above a good idea for a mildly built rig? like NO lift and mayyybe 30" tires? (it also will not get wheeled at all). I was thinking of running just a chunk of tube on my 2WD Ranger parts truck with either D30 or D44 knuckles on the ends (whichever ends up free, or next to it, most likely the D30) because that thing sees alot of highway, and the bump steer is really pissing me off.

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