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From what I've gathered the D44 TTB isn't any stronger than the D44 straight axle. And, the only strenth area's it has over th D35 TTB axle - in it's modified form, (not the SLA one because thats a low pinion set - found in 98+ rangers) is that it's got a marginally stronger R&P set. The D44 also has an advantage in the wheel bearing area because they are spaced further apart. The D35 has to narrow of spacing, which means with larger tires and deep offset rims you've got to service them more (I repack mine and adjust them atleast every two months - more when wheeling in water because the TTB hubs I have seal for shit.)

There are alot of mods that can be done with a bolt in D35. The only real advantage you would gain going through the hassle of swaping in a TTB 44 would be the fullwidth of the axle (assuming you'd leave it fullwidth - otherwise the work needed to narrow and swap it in kinda outweights the small strength advantage over a simple bolt in D35)

And the TTB isn't the bad horrible front end everyone cry's about - it just takes some thought as well as alot of time to work the quirks out of it....however, I'd doubt that even a SAS D44 will stand up to the punishment of a V8 with 38's (assuming you want it in your 5.0 ranger captain ledd), especially in the primarily mud/sand wheeling enviro here in MI - unless you dont use the skinny pedal often

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