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Originally Posted by Bronco351 View Post
alright, i am having some brake problem with my B2, me and a freinds drove out to E&M junkyard yesterday, and my front brakes locked up, and the hubs got hot. after we left there, they started loosening up, bad, i could hardly stop with the pedal to the floor, got it back to his house, fluid is fine, and the passenger hub was hot enough to burn his finger. when i was driving it home it felt like they starting locking back up. my hubs were free. could something be bad with a caliper?
theres a good possibilty, i had the same issue on my bronco after sitting for a couple years and then driving it again my front calipers started to freeze up on me, i replaced them and problem went away, good time to check/service your wheel bearings spindle bearings u joints etc if needed as long as you got it apart
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