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Originally Posted by chris1044 View Post
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Dude, they guy is blowing smoke up your ass in every category possible. Spider gears bad + no 4x4 DOES NOT = new T-case. Hell, I can't even see how bad spider gears would cause no 4x4 and someone even think the t-case needs to be replaced.

Simply put, if the spider gears are bad, they either have broken teeth or stripped splines. If they have stripped splines, expect the axle shafts to be stripped as well. In either case, there will be metal floating around in the diff. This will likely lead to failed pinion and carrier bearings, as well as possibly fubaring the Ring and pinion (depending on metal size....if spider gear teeth break its more than likely the R&P will get damaged by the large metal chunks floating around).

Additionally, no 4x4 can be caused by the T-Case motor or associated wiring/switches/ecu being bad. It can also be caused by a bad t-case.

Either way, as numerous people have said before, if it were me I'd steer very clear of this heep....the guy sounds crooked (or has no clue what he's talking about) and it sounds like a vehicle that you buy and sink tripple its cost into it to make it functional
I agree - pass man. Unless you are getting this thing dirt cheap, it has a non-michigan body(i.e. solid and show room), or you have the cash/patience to wrench this baby... Keep looking. They are around. Like others have said - check craigslist, e-bay, wheeler deeler, autotrader, and just be careful and don't rush .
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