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Default I am grounding my kids from trick or treating

Warning after warning after warning. I leave to meet up with some friends. Wife calls to tell me kids just got into a fight. Daughter shoved my son. He flips over backwards and slams his head just shy of a table. Son whips tv remote at sister....misses and shatters the glass in a picture frame.

At this point I just ground them. We attended a Halloween party Saturday nite. Couldn't find a sitter so I dish out another warning. If you screw up at all tonight kiss Halloween goodbye. Well. Apparently they got into a scuffle over a stationary bike. Son wanted to ride the bike. Daughter yanks him off the bike ripping his costum we just bought. So in return pulls on his sisters costum and rips hers too.......

How long past Halloween should I keep them grounded?
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