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Y' know, golly gee grand for those that ARE making minimum wage, but it's not like it helps anything... As stated, companies MUST raise prices to offset the extra labour costs, but there is also a stigma that eventually hits the entire state, I researched this in a couple situations back in high school... Basically, the working theory becomes "if people are making more money then they can afford things being more expensive", and "if people are making more money, then they don't need help with things like heating in the winter, or relief when gas hits 17.59/gallon, things like that..."

Of course, you sound like some totally heartless SOB, how could you possibly not want people to make more money, with the cost of everything going up up up... Unfortunately, as you know if you look outside the box you work in, this means that everything gets more expensive, and if you're one of the unlucky bastards who are not making minimum wage, the increase in the cost of goods and services is not at all proportionate to the money that you are making... Besides things costing more, and you not making more, employers usually seem pretty reluctant to give a raise when one has already been forced upon them, whether or not they employ minimum wage workers... If you don't like making minimum wage, find another job, I'm not saying that's easy, from experience, the job market kinda blows in this state right now, but it's not impossible...

Gonna be interesting to see where this ends up for the state in the next couple years.
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