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Originally Posted by Muddinguy
i didnt bother to read everyones replies but here's my .02 Minimum wage is going up.. meaning these shit shack employers will hire even less ! Fuckin over Michigans job market EVEN MORE !! and the people that are employeed will either get laid off or have to work twice as hard now because of the people being fired to make up for their end !! YES.. FUCK BUSH !!
Close but no cigar.

Bush didnt orchistrate this.

Not everything that happens on a presidents watch is his fault, or his doing (to get the glory). to his credit Clinton didnt do anything special to the economy in the 90's, he just rode out the good times for (6 1/2 of 8 years) , and didnt terribly fukc anything up but he did nothing.

If that was a joking "FUCK BUSH", and you just forgot the :miff: or the . I meant no offense

If it wasnt a mistake, i dont even know where to begin. Theres just not enough time and not sure you would want to hear the truth

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