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Default We already won, WTF!!

We won the "war" in Iraq a long time ago. Now were stuck in another dead end police action. The "war" part has been over since 03. That’s what sucks and makes vets feel like a-holes, when people start talking about this "war" that we are not winning, when in fact we won the war. Our great media will slap the "war" title on whatever they can because there marketing the drammatic notion of the word. Your military has no problem winning wars and will always win them. It’s when politicians start using your military as a tool for conquest that we have problems. Your military is designed from the ground up to win wars. Long term occupation/conquest is not a facet of our military prowess. We go, win, come home, that’s what were trained and equipped to do, and that’s the way it should be. Long term occupation/police action, will at some point jump out of the scope of military design and more into the scope of politics and economics. You see it all over Iraq these days. Commanders have to become politicians and economists to the local populations just to keep things in check.

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