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Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
sorry I had to post... "think Different" and Lack of intelegence are worlds apart

I am Glad that I think different then races people.

and also you should look at how we test "intelegence".
its almost like me saying "I will make a game and the rules and then play you, and if you suck at my game I will say that you suck at all sports...and I am awesome at all sports...ok sound far"

o yeah and last year when I was in east africa all of the people I meet were Very smart even by western standers ...its normal for most africas to speak 5 or so languages.
All true.

But if you believe that we evolved from less intelegent creatures (and I realize you may not, but I'm pretty sure this scientist does), and can clearly see that we have not all evolved the same but instead evolved different traits that helped us survive in our native habitats, it seems reasonable to assume that intelegence would evolve differently based on the native habitat.

Rather than screaming racism every time someone suggests that people of different races have different aptitudes and abilities, maybe we'd be better off if we recognized that there are real differences and use those differences for our mutual benifit.
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