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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
Could this be the blown o rings on the turbos that I was warned about?

Also I know diesels are loud, and what not, this one seemed a little loud at lower RPM but quited down as I got on it.....

Of course I didnt give it a "full" warm up, so I am sure that had something to do with it, I only let it warm up for about 5 minutes, and it had not been driven by the owner in a while....
I have never heard of a 6.0L with blown orings on the turbo....its normal to have oil on the boots with dust on them on a 7.3L and 6.0L. This is due to the CCV (crank case ventalation) is vaccumed into the intake....completely normal.

Originally Posted by chevotass
6.0 suck ass!!!!! get a 7.3. ill never get a 6.0 if i buy another diesel. either get a 7.3 or the brand new twin turbo. 6.0 is nothing but problems
comments like this crack me up... the 6.0L had a bad rep when they first came out due to injector problems, and the issues with puking antifreeze. The injector issues were never as bad as the early DMAX LB7 though. The 7.3L is a great engine, but is loud as can be, the trans will not hold a candle to the Torqshift. My best friend has a 7.3L and I drove it this weekend, its a nice truck, but I will stick with my 6.0L! Also the new SD 6.4L TT is a nice truck, but I cant justify spending $45K on a new truck that gets considerably worse fuel economy then what my truck gets.

Originally Posted by gofastbobby
i would get a f350 vs f250, since you get the d60 front. the 6.4's havent seen very good fuel mileage, partially because they are heavy as shit.
2005+ F250 Powerstrokes have a Dana60 in the front....I know thats what my truck has. The reason is getting considerably worse fuel mileage on the new 6.4L is due to the DPF and regeneration.
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