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Default Thoughts? Another Diesel Question

I have driven 4 or 5 different powersmokes so far. I have 3 on my possible list.

Truck 1. 2000 F250, 78000 miles, 7.3 liter, real clean, needs rotors. 2nd most expensive of the group.

Truck 2. 2003 f350, 86000 miles, 6.0 liter, clean, "damp" between engine and transmission, oil, not tranny fluid. Rest of truck is pretty good. Most expensive of the group.

Truck 3. 2001 f250, 96000 miles, 7.3 liter, exterior is clean, rides and drives good, "oily dust" on the tubes entering intake/turbo assembly. Cheapest of the group. My buddy told me it is common for the 7.3 tubros to blow some kinda o-ring and have some oil blow by, quick easy fix no big deal? or deal breaker?

I am leaning towards the two 7.3 liter trucks for fear of problems in the 6.0

My buddy who really seems to know his diesels said that the 6.0 should be fine if the list of work done isnt long and the c94? injectors have been replaced with c95's? or something along those lines.

I know some of you know the 6.0's and are fine with them, I know others are not.....

all trucks are with in 2500 bucks of each other, so price is really not a huge consideration here.
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