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Default Ford 4wd & Factory Lockout Problem

Have a problem with my 4wd working sporadically on my 2001 F250 tow rig. No rime or reason to when it will & won't work. When I turn the knob to 4x4 the "4x4" light will come on & I can hear something shift from the transfer case like it's always done, but sometimes no power to the front end & sometimes there is.

Any suggestions, or anyone had the same/similar problem & fixed it ??

Have had the hubs in auto position sense I bought it 4 years ago and the 4wd has always worked. Like most of these Fords the manual hub is frozen in the auto position. I thought perhaps I could easily eliminate the hubs as the problem the next time the 4wd didn't work by manually locking them in but I can't turn them from auto.

I've never even had the wheels off this thing so I'm not sure what these hubs are like or what it's going to take to free them up. Can you free them up ? Any secrets to what it takes to do so ? I plan to pull them apart this weekend to take a look at them but wanted some input from anyone that has some experience with them. I've had my Warns a part on my Blazer many times but don't know it these factory auto hubs are similar.

Any help & input would be greatly appreciated.
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