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Unhappy 1998 ZJ running problems

I am at a loss. I can't figure this out. When it is not fully warmed up it runs like crap, idles like crap, and stumbles and sputters when accelarating at a light. If I start it and let it idle in park, while warming up it will start to idle very ruff, and the rpms will slowly drop. So yesterday, I let it warm up, I took off hte air horn, and watched what the IAC was doing, it would gradually open, and keep opening wich would make the motor run very lean and it would almost want to stall. So I stuck my finger in the IAC hole to plug it some, and it helped lots. Or if I 'jook' the gas then it will idle for a little bit then start stumbling again. When this thing is warmed up it seems to be much better.

What is telling the IAC what to do (besides the computer), what sensors effect the actions of the IAC? MAP, IAT? TPS?

I still need to check my belly pan gasket on the intake, that mat be a problem but it can't be all the problem.

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