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Originally Posted by Hackfabrication View Post
Interesting. I would imagine that if your Clean-up 'event' met all the criteria of the Governing body for that particular area, you would need a permit.
Just and FYI. The way we do it here in California is that the USFS or BLM Rangers GO WITH US, thus making it an official USFS or BLM 'project' and no fees, permits, insurance (other than personal) is required. Plus they teach us stuff to look for and what's legal and what's not.

Originally Posted by Hackfabrication View Post
Anyway...Good thread. I especially like the 'ask the Ranger' concept. But having worked for the Fed's for 29 years, I can tell you that it's not as easy to become a 'spokesperson' or 'information maven' as it would seem. To most supervisors/managers anyone doing this is 'Representing' the agency. And they (the agencies), have 'people' that do that already. In other words: It's not always prudent (careerwise) to do someone else's job, even if they aren't doing it.
Amen to this! This could be a career ender for anyone not 'authorized to represent' the agency. Trust me, the military is the same way. SO here's what you have to do about it. DON'T put Les or anyone that's actually HELPING US get things sorted out, on the skyline. In other words, if you do something that Les (for example) says is right thing to do, and you get cited for it...don't start dropping his name all over the place. It's his career you're messing with. IF District Ranger isnt the right person to be representing, then lets get the name of who IS, invite them along for the ride and get some real good information.

OH, also, having District Ranger on this website is a HUGE asset, don't SLAM DUNK his inbox with crap. Try doing some research on your own first.

Originally Posted by Hackfabrication View Post
I know, it seems like a hassle. But in no way the hassle you'll get if you go forward without them. And like was posted, once you've navigated the obstable course the first time, each subsequent time will be easier/quicker.
I PM'd CC about an idea for putting a sticky up about this. We'll see where it goes. I know he gets about 1,000 PM's a day, I understand he won't get back to me this Fiscal Year. This whole concept has prompted me to check with our local ranger about some of this stuff, I'll get back to you what I learn.

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