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I have put on events in the USFS Mio Ranger District and the Cadillac Ranger district a few years back, '86-'87. Some of you may have heard of them, they were called 'The Jeep Cup'. These two events sound like they would be very similiar, a poker run and a TSD Rally. I don't have any paperwork left from the events but here are the basic rules we had to follow and the rationale for them:
One think to remember here is that this is Federal and it is DIFFERENT than the State DNR requirements, however some things are the same, i.e. Insurance and 90 application requirement.

1. The participants are using public resources 'over and above' what would be considered normal. This is why a 'Fee' is being charged. Much like using a Pavallion at your local community park. You might have payed taxes to build the facility but assembling a larg group is outside the normal anticipated use.
The State DNR has 20 vehicle or 20 person criteria, the USFS appears to have something around 75. This number was never referenced in my event because we had 200+ people there so we were already over the limit.
2. The liability insurance is a 'catch all' so any damage done by the group can be recouped via the insurance.
3.We had a Application Fee which included paperwork and post field inspection.
4. We also used to have a road bond posting of $250-$1000 depending on how much damage the Officer thought was going to be done. GLFWDA ended up loosing the bond both years due to splashing the water out of some low spots in the road.
5. One thing not mentioned yet is the USE fee. The USFS charged us a fee based upon the # or miles used X the $$ charged regardless of what it was for, X # or participants X some factor + $$$$ you owed the USFS for use of the public property outside it's normal use. And an EVENT is outside what is considered normal. If you sat up on one of the forest roads any afternoon, how many vehicles might go bay you in a single afternoon. Less that if you had an event.
I've got way more to add but want to read some more of the posts to help clarify what has been policy with the USFS in the past.

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