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Originally Posted by S2theMach View Post
I don't want to hijack a thread or start a whole different rant, but the statement from liv2mx bothers me. If there are Nat'l Forest Rangers and Michigan DNR officers "sleeping" on the site and reading our posts, especially when we ask the legality of an event or a place to use our ORV's, why aren't the Officers responding to our requests?

My friends and I (and everyone on this forum) spend an incredible amount of time researching areas where we would like to camp, fish, hunt, and use our ORV's in a legal matter. Though, when questions are posted, we (the forum users) go back and forth guessing what is legal and not legal. More often than not, because of "guessing the legal and correct answer", I end up not taking Jeep camping, or sometimes even going camping.

Though, from what liv2mx states, rather than posting the "legal and correct answers" from the actual law enforcement officers in a thread, a private message is sent notifying only one person. In the end, the rest of the community still does not know the correct answer.

Sorry for the rant, but what liv2mx posted above really annoys me.
check his IP, he might be part of the sleeper cell.

Liv2mx, this is way out of line on the part of the ranger. did he cite a specific law other than saying all gathering over 75 persons must have a permit? would it change things if you just broke everyone up into groups of like 4-5 vehicles. I have a hard time believing that everyone in the area would get ticketed, since it is public property and there are going to be swarms of people out and about getting ready for bow season.
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