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Originally Posted by ludington53 View Post
Sounds like this event is getting large. Do we need any permits from the state or fed to hold this rally?
Hello Sir.
Everybody here welcomes the Forest Service, and there is no need to mask yourself as someone who is looking to do a trail ride, and testing everyone on the legalities of the situation. If you have time, it would be great if you could take 20 minutes to do a post on the requirements for large groups of people on the public trails here in Michigan.

There is a gray zone with a lot of folks on what is legal, and what is not. Educating us would be extremely beneficial to both the wheelers (over 3000 unique people read this site daily), as well as the officers who patrol. If we know the rules, we can be legal, and it will save you time on the trails trying to track down the illegal groups.

Even though most people find it ridiculous that we have to pull a permit to do a trail ride, its the law. I'm sure you have noticed that some people think the number is 20 vehicles, some people think its 20 people, while other people think its 60 people. Instead of us argueing amongst ourselves, it would be great if you could clear up the situation.

"calling out" people from a psuedo name does not help you, or the wheelers of Michigan. The truth is, its very frustrating trying to BE LEGAL in this state, and I believe you could be a very big asset to all of us. I do not want to do anything illegal, but its hard to know what the laws are around here.

I'm deleting your account here labeled "ludington53", as this violated the rules of multiple accounts per person. Please feel free to post under "District Ranger", and I'm sure your words can educate us all.

Thanks for your time.

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