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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post
I won't get into my fishing history, but heres what I do know. The penalty of using an invalid hook according to my handbook is a maximum fine of $500.00 (for first offense) and possible loss of fishing gear including tackle/poles/reals/nets/saved catch.

If a DNR officer rolled up on you, you were doing everything legal, and he glanced to notice some lures over an ounce in your tackle box, I'm willing to bet everything I have that there isn't a chance he would have said anything. Especially if you're tackle box is the size of your average seasoned angler.

Then, I'm willing to wager that there isn't a chance he glanced down into your tackle box, noticed a lure weighing more then an ounce, and arrested you, and brought you to jail. THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN. Not a chance in hell.

The only thing I'm getting at, is pointless made up stories do not actually help anything, but actually gives people a bad rap, when they never did anything. If your post would have been left at what you said, there would have been people thinking you were screwed over by some power hungry DNR officer.

You weren't screwed over by the man. If you were really tossed in jail for an illegal lure, you would have sued the hell out of the state for false imprisonment. And nobody in there right mind would EVER pay a $180.00 fine for the story you're stating. Not a chance.

If you need to get off by posting :chiefwoohaw: like this, please resort to the pub. Thanks.
whatever cc, ask any of my friends, they know what happened, how about my buddy levi who was there, and got a ride home from the officer who took me to jail. i now have a misdemeanor on my record from this. who is the court going to believe, a 18 yr old kid or a dnr officer? they dropped the weighted hook fine, i still have both tickets you tool.
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