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Default Waterford "Trails" Next to I-75..

So like.. a month ago.. I was driving back from my Grandpas house in West Bloomfield, and coming up Dixie about to go on I-75, I look over, and I see a Jeep on some two tracks next to the road.

I've seen those two tracks before, but forgot about them.

If your traveling north on Dixie, right before 75 on your right theres a little "parking lot" of types, and theres perfectly cut two tracks coming off it. Next to the parking lot is a neighborhood, and if you go a little into the neighborhood, another two track comes out onto the main road through.

There are NO "no trespassing" signs anywhere to be found. Theres just a little dirt lot, and some two tracks coming off it.

I turned around and followed the other Jeep through it, and basically, theres a whole series of little trails back there, that don't really go anywhere. They parallel the freeway for a little bit.. and go up some pretty steep hills.. a lot of mud and water back there... A lot of garbage...

Anybody know what it is? If its anything, it looks like people use it to dump garbage (which is obviously illegal). But the two tracks are very deeply grooved.. Like a lot of people have been back there before. But theres not really enough trails for anything to actually go on back there. I wheeled every trail back there to see if I could see anything.. and it took probably half an hour or 45 minutes.

At one point, I was behind some of the houses in the aforementioned neighborhood, and there was a bunch of people out BBQ'ing and using a pool, they looked up, saw me, and went on like it was no big deal.. I had my windows down, I was going pretty slowly, I was pretty close to them, they could have easily yelled at me, but they didn't.

Obviously this isn't a state sanctioned ORV area.. nor is it anything spectacular for wheeling... but I just wanted to see if anybody else knew anything about this area.. or what its there for....

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