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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
add that to the fact that once a ticket is issued, its nearly impossible to fight it without paying a huge lawyer fee, most people just take the shit they hand out.
It's a Misdemeanor NOT a Civil Infraction. So a Lawyer is required. That's why most every fine is just paid and we continue to have the DNR running roughshod over the general law abiding public. Just like Drumond Island. The ticket was issued illegally. Instead of taking it to the courts, those involved, through the negeotiation with the DNR, got the ticket dismissed. So, no ruling by a Judge hence no standing to refer back to. Therefore, the stairsteps are closed permanently.
Same with a club that got tickets for being is a certain gravel pit. The area had legitimate trails, some of which were MCCCT as recent as 3 years ago. From what I was told they paid everyone's fine and the DNR continues to write tickets for people being in that area regardless of the season. The only one in recent memory to follow through was G-Man. He took it to court and won.
There was a revison to the to the level of infraction to be brought down to a C.I. but I think that is either held up in the 'ORV on the shoulders of the highway' Legislation or it might not have made it to the final wording. I know it was proposed for a change.

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