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yeah i have the 5.2 with the 528? the 4 speed auto. i cant rememeber the numbers. anyway, yes its throttle by cable the cable is good, ( brand new) the throttle doesnt stick. itsnice and smooth. I have also checked the sensor to see if its signal is screwed up, but it maps out fine. i have gone through damn near everything on the truck eletrical wise, and everythign checks out.

last year it decided to just quit running for 3 months. tested everything, it lead to the computer, replaced that.. nothing. now i am runing on the orginal computer. but i have ran it with the replacement and it does the same thing. it is very irratic when it does all this stuff, i cant see any pattern so i have to guess that one sensor is having a glitch. but id be damn'd if i can find it.

how would the brake switch control it idleing? when it is in park/neutral. it also does the same idle in gear.and when it ganes power, it seems like the computer just switches the injector pulse width. it just slowly increases.

its not just me driving it either, friends have noticed it before when they drive it.
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