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I'm assuming that all Fords can use this....but I could be wrong.

The factory procedure to disable autolock can be accomplished in two ways:

Autolock Enable/Disable - Using the Keypad

To enable/disable autolock using the keyless entry keypad:

1. Enter five-digit permanent entry code into the keyless entry keypad.

2. Within 5 seconds of entering the code, press and hold the 7/8 button on the keypad.

3. Within 5 seconds of Step 2, and while holding the 7/8 button, press the 3/4 button on the keypad and release it.

4. Within 5 seconds of Step 3, release the 7/8 button on the keypad.

If the Autolock feature is disabled the horn will chirp once, if it is enabled the horn chirps once and then a second time once the sequence above is completed.

Autolock Enable/Disable through Igntion Switch

1. Close all doors.

2. Confirm the key is OFF.

3. Turn key from OFF to RUN.

4. Note Steps 4 through 7 must be carried out within 30 seconds.

Press Door lock control switch UNLOCK 3 times.

5. Turn the key from ON to OFF.

6. Press the door lock control switch UNLOCK 3 times.

7. Turn the key from OFF to ON.

8 Verify the horn chirps. This indicates the disable/enable mode has been entered and is ready for program changes.

9. Press door lock control switch UNLOCK button one more time, then press the LOCK button.

10. Verify the horn chirps one time, indicating that the autolock/relock feature is disabled. If one chirp is heard, followed by a longer sound of the horn the autolockk/relock feature is enabled. (Return to Step 9).

11. Turn the key to OFF position to exit enable/disable mode. If the Autolock status is changed, the horn will chirp once. If the status is not changed, no chirp will be heard. Return to Step 1.

Hope this helps....
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