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Yeah, what the hell was that? There IS evidence that it was a plane...missing plane, missing people, hundreds of witnesses, 2 videos, and a bunch of parts from an airliner all over the crash site. There IS NOT ANY evidence that it was anything other than said plane. That's like if I just said...well why are you ruling out that it wasn't a semi truck filled with bombs? because there is infinite, undisputable evidence that it was in fact the airliner.

Also, missiles fly at about 4,000mph (most go faster than rifle bullets) so a crappy cctv camera woudn't even be able to see it and people would only see a smoke trail and wouldn't hear it until it hit due to their supersonic speed. A missile also creates a spherical blast pattern, not a hole that goes through a bunch of reinforced walls. Bunker busters (because I know you'll use this to comment on my previous sentance) would leave a hole not much larger than the missile itself and then blow the hell out of the inside of the place. Look at these videos and tell me how they fit into the missile theory.
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