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Default Stevo = Douchebag

Not that it will effect my situation what so ever but just out of my duty of not being a douchebag I thought I would let the rest of you know.

Just make sure you agree with douchebag, err I mean Steveo or he will email your work. Once again it's not like I care but just thought that if you should be working and do spend time on here and can get fired then you might like to know there is someone on this site such as SteveO that will pull some crap like this on you.

Originally Posted by steveo View Post
oh yeah, i emailed clonch ins. to let them know of the negative way you represent them on this board, and if you are an employee, that you waste their time by playing on the web.
Originally Posted by steveo View Post
i pay 47 a month for full coverage with roadside recovery and a 100 dollar deductible.
Hello, i am writing today to let you know of an individual who is creating negative press towards your agency with his comments and statements made on this website I am not sure if this person is an employee, but under his username he displays your web address. his username on their is unlimitedlove and he posts during the daytime, so if he is your employee he is wasting both your time and mine. thanks and have a nice day.

i am going to keep emailing that until i get a reply. hope you get fired fuckhead

Ahh . . . my good deed of the day is done.

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