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Section 28.425bSectionLicense application; fee; verification of requirements; determination; circumstances for issuance; fingerprints; issuance or denial; temporary license; suspension or revocation of license; definitions.
Section 205.93SectionTax rate; penalties and interest; presumption; collection; price tax base; exemptions; services, information, or records; applicability.
Section 205.94gSectionExemption of property purchased as part of purchase or transfer of business; exceptions; definition.
Section 205.179SectionStoring, registering, or transferring ownership of vehicle; tax; exemption; credit.
Section 257.320aSectionRecording date of conviction, civil infraction determination, or probate court disposition and number of points; formula; interview; violation committed in another state.
Section 257.732aSectionDriver responsibility fee; assessment; notice; payment by installment; failure to pay fee; fire protection fund; creation; disposition of funds; transmission of funds to state treasurer; appropriation.
Section 324.71101SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.71101.amendedSectionDefinitions.
Section 324.81101SectionAdditional definitions.
Section 324.81101.amendedSectionDefinitions.
Section 324.81102SectionVehicles exempt from licensure provisions.
Section 324.81103SectionORV; certificate of title generally.
Section 324.81104SectionApplication for title to ORV under code.
Section 324.81105SectionORV; sale or assignment of ownership; purchase or acquisition; requirements.
Section 324.81106SectionORV exempt from §§ 257.1101 to 257.1133 and §§ 500.3101 to 500.3179.
Section 324.81107SectionManufacturer's certificate of origin.
Section 324.81108SectionApplication for ORV certificate of title; form; contents; security agreement; perfection of security interest.
Section 324.81109SectionMaking application to department of state for issuance of ORV certificate of title.
Section 324.81110SectionFee for processing application for ORV certificate of title.
Section 324.81110.amendedSectionFee for processing application for ORV certificate of title.
Section 324.81111SectionRefusal to issue ORV certificate of title; grounds; issuance and delivery; requiring certification of ownership.
Section 324.81112SectionManufacturing requirements for ORV certificate of title; uniform method of numbering; contents; prohibited acts; penalties.
Section 324.81113SectionLoss, mutilation, or illegibility of ORV certificate; application for and issuance of duplicate; legend; indexes.
Section 324.81114SectionRecords available to the public; commercial lookup service; disposition of fees; computerized central file; purging records; providing records to nongovernmental person or entity; fee; admissibility in evidence.
Section 324.81114aSectionDisclosure of personal information; uses.
Section 324.81114cSectionFurnishing list of information to federal, state, or local governmental agency; contract for sale of lists of records; surveys, marketing, and solicitations; insertion of safeguards in agreement or contract; resale or redisclosure of information; disclosure of list based on ORV operation or sanctions to nongovernmental agency.
Section 324.81115SectionLicensing of ORV required; exceptions.
Section 324.81116SectionApplication for license; filing; form; signature; fee; false information prohibited; issuance of license; validity; purchase and resale of ORV licenses; refunds; records; attachment of license to vehicle; license not required for vehicle used and stored outside state.
Section 324.81117SectionORV trail improvement fund.
Section 324.81117.amendedSectionOff-road vehicle account.
Section 324.81119SectionDistribution of revenue in form of grants.
Section 324.81119.amendedSectionDistribution of revenue in form of grants.
Section 324.81121SectionRenting, leasing, or furnishing ORV; maintaining safe operating condition; explanation of operation; liability insurance.
Section 324.81122SectionProhibited operation of unregistered ORV; exceptions; operator as prima facie negligent.
Section 324.81123SectionComprehensive plan for management of ORV use of certain areas, routes, and trails; revision; approval; designation of ORV trails and areas for nonconflicting recreation trail use; designated scramble area; maps of trails.
Section 324.81127SectionComprehensive system; considerations.
Section 324.81128SectionCitizens review board.
Section 324.81129SectionOperation of ORV by child or by incompetent; requirements; ORV information, safety education, and training program; course instruction; ORV safety certificates; rules.
Section 324.81130SectionORV safety education course.
Section 324.81130.amendedSectionORV safety education course.
Section 324.81131SectionLocal ordinances; duty to maintain highway; immunity from liability; “gross negligence” defined.
Section 324.81133SectionOperation of ORV; prohibited acts.
Section 324.81134SectionOperation of ORV by person under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance; authorizing or permitting operation; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; subsequent convictions; violation as felony; screening, assessment, and rehabilitative services; duty of court before accepting guilty plea; record.
Section 324.81135SectionOperation of ORV by person visibly impaired; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; prior convictions; community service; screening, assessment, and rehabilitative services; duty of court before accepting guilty plea; record.
Section 324.81136SectionChemical analysis of operator's blood, urine, or breath; admissibility; request for results of test; presumptions; taking sample of urine or breath; withdrawing blood; liability; administration of tests by person of arrested person's own choosing; refusal to take test; other evidence; jury instruction; admissibility of blood withdrawn after accident; sample of decedent's blood.
Section 324.81137SectionImplied consent to chemical tests of blood, breath, or urine; exception.
Section 324.81139SectionAdministrative hearing; notice.
Section 324.81140SectionSuspension of right to operate ORV; appointment of hearing officer; notice; powers of hearing officer; scope of hearing; conduct of hearing; final decision or order; petition; review; order; record of proceedings.
Section 324.81140aSectionSuspension or revocation of operator's or chauffeur's license; operation of ORV prohibited; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 324.81141SectionPreliminary chemical breath analysis; arrest; admissibility of results; requirements; civil infraction; fine.
Section 324.81142SectionOperation of ORV after right suspended as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 324.81143SectionAccident resulting in injury, death, or property damage; notice; report; report by medical facility; collection and evaluation of information; duties of operator.
Section 324.81144SectionArrest without warrant of alleged operator of ORV.
Section 324.81145SectionViolations; appearance tickets; prima facie evidence of operation by owner.
Section 324.81146SectionFailure or refusal to obey signal or request to stop; misdemeanor.
Section 324.81147SectionViolation of part as misdemeanor or civil violation; penalties.
Section 324.81147.amendedSectionViolation of part as misdemeanor or civil violation; penalties.
Section 324.81148SectionCondemnation of ORV unauthorized where trespass is result of emergency.
Section 324.81149SectionSurvey to determine total unrefunded gasoline sales tax money; report; recommendations; budget requests.
Section 324.82156aSectionDisclosure of personal information; uses.
Section 324.99902SectionTransfer of powers and duties of the ORV trails advisory committee in sections 16b and 16c of Act 26 of 1995 to the commission of natural resources by a type III transfer; abolish ORV trails advisory committee.
Section 500.3020SectionPolicy of casualty insurance; mandatory provisions; filing rule providing minimum retention of premium for automobile insurance; issuance of policy to meet § 257.227a; providing short rate premium for insurance on motorcycle, watercraft, off-road vehicle, or snowmobile; definitions; effect of cancellation on claim; mailing or delivery of notice; statement; rule establishing short rate premium.
Section 554.658SectionEnforcement of lien; sale of personal property; notice; advertisement; time and place of sale; redemption; inventory; lien searches; payment by prior lienholder; rights of purchaser in good faith; responsibility for procuring title; distribution of proceeds; records; donations to charity or other disposition of property; damages for noncompliance.
Section 764.15SectionArrest by officer without warrant; situations; circumstances.
Section 769.1fSectionExpenses for which court may order person convicted to reimburse state or local unit of government; payment; reimbursement as condition of probation or parole; enforcement of order; expenses for emergency response; definitions.
Section 769.36SectionDeaths arising out of same criminal transaction; crimes to which person may be charged and convicted; consecutive terms; definitions.
Section 777.1SectionDefinitions.
Section 777.13gSectionApplicability of chapter to certain felonies; MCL 324.76107(3) to 324.82160(3).
Section 777.22SectionOffense variables; scoring.
Section 777.33SectionPhysical injury to victim.
Section 777.48SectionOperator ability affected by alcohol or drugs; “any bodily alcoholic content” defined.
Section 777.55SectionPrior misdemeanor convictions or prior misdemeanor juvenile adjudications.
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