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I said alot of the people Not on line or in a group dont know you exist please read again. And no not an expert but I also seen only 3 other people at the meeting not with the GL4WDA and it would be more than helpfull if others knew what was going on. As for helping our cause At the meeting when I asked about the reasoning why they feel the full size vehicles are the unsafe ones and if they keep everything closed to 4wd activity what are they going to do with the loss of sticker sale money to pay for the trail system NOT A ONE OF THE GL4WDA MEMBERS said a word and just let it pass as the board quickly wanted to change the subject back to the new ATV trails. Yes it was my first meeting and if you didnt go you have nothing to say about it for you dont have a clue on whats going on your self.. I only stated that people can help out without joining if they dont want to. Every time the issue is talked about you say join join thats all great but dont discuage the ones that dont want to. Give them the info to help on their own thats all I started to say . You know some people dont want to join groups and yes some people dont feel they have the funds for joining clubs. Even though its only 35.00. If you think people cant afford or dont want to spare it well they dont. I now of a few that want to go to the meeting that can only go if someone elses drives and pics up the gas. Their wheelin trips maybe once a month and they struggle to do that. Myself I use driving around in the woods and going to trail rides a a cheep family weekend. I can put $ 20 in the jeep a cooler full of snacks and be gone all day. As for the expence of going to the meetings It will be figured into my bills at the first of the month and if I have to I'll miss a day or weekend or trail riding to save the money to go. I have alot of things on my plate right now and this is a big issue to me. I go to the trails almost every weekend so yes Ican help if I choose and so can they on are own. Not in one of my post have I said your ORG is not a great thing I posted every time that it was a good thing butthelp is welcome as members or NOT.

I'm done with this subject like it or not.
So quit condeming me and get back on the subject at hand.

I will be at the next trail ride and will bring my little box of spare stuff. We used some at the last one .Any Ideas of what else we may need. Last time we used 2 wheel studs and two wheel nuts off my jeep ,some black tape. and I will have more tools too.What size did you need for that clutch bleeder again. LOL Donnie got some zipp strips from I beleive Don for his fan, 2 drywall screws we only needed 1 but someone dropped the first one. I ruined two shirts and a pair of pants working on mine and others jeeps. but thats part of the fun. I still have rear end grease from Donnies rear axle under my nails. Hope to get a new fuel pump in this weekend and be ready for next weekend too. We built a few trails at work that are quite fun. I want to make it up the on. I tryed yesterday but the fuel pump wasnt agreeing. Plus I needed to air down again, Dont want to snap anouther axle.
Had a great time with the last run and enjoyed leading yous around
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