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Originally Posted by ronprice View Post
If on a forest road with out LIC. and Insurance you need a OVR sticker. Legal you dont. Remember that the forest roads can turn into a seasonal road and not be posted as joining. So if you plan on riding them make sure you know where your at if not legal. Even if the forest road is flat and has just dryed up and go real sandy. If you need to lock it in you cant go down it/across it or threw it. You must stay on 2wd passable at all times.
Just eliminate the confusion that might arise from this let's spell out each situation. There are County roads, State forest roads, and Federal Forest Roads.
Seasonal roads are County roads and as such require SOS licensing OR if they are used as marked snowmobile trails in the winter they are allowed. ATV, M/C or other ORV's are NOT allowed to used these roads during any season. UNLESS they are located in one of the counties that allows use of ORV on the shoulders. And you will require an ORV sticker on your vehicle. This applies to both UP and LP. Seasonal road 2WD -vs- 4WD rule is questionable in my mind however, DNR officers usually exert their authority onto County roads and therefore 'could' write you a ticket, unless the County specifically has the road posted open. Trail Fanatic has been working with some County road comissions on the west side of the state with some success in getting roads opend back up, some of which require 4WD.

Forest roads are in two categories, State and Federal.

State forest roads require SOS UNLESS they are marked with orange trianges. ATV. M/C and other NON SOS vehicles are NOT allowed to use these roads. This applies to the LP. Here's where the difference in the UP comes in. NON licensed ATV, M/C ARE allowed to use these roads in the UP with an ORVF sticker.
AND, in both these cases 2WD rule applies, that is, you must be able to traverse the road in 2WD.

State Forest roads with orange triangles, NOT ORANGE DIAMONDS, (i.e. Snowmobile marking) ANY type vehicle with or with out SOS licensing are allowed to use these roads, BUT, you must have an ORV sticker on your vehicle if not SOS licensed. These marked roads are the only ones you are allowed to use 4WD on.

Federal Forest roads. Same rules apply EXCEPT there is confusion as the whether or not the 2WD rules applies. Trail Fanatic is being told it does not, however USFS Officers can write you a ticket and they will cite an MCL number (Michigan Compiled Laws) which is the law you are violating and one of them is the one they use for the 2WD violation.

So now this should be as clear as mud! This is why there is so much confusion in this state as to where you can or can not go with your vehicle.
This is just another example of what GLFWDA is trying to address with the DNR and the Legislature. Problem is, the DNR paints a picture of doom and gloom with the Legislature when we try to suggest removal of the 2WD clause in the current law. They claim that there will be wide spread environmental damage if it's changed. That's why GLFWDA has been working with the other motorized groups in the state to get it changed. It's numbers we present to the Legislature that get theie attention. It's the same as a vote!
With the mediocre support there is from the Full Size 4WD users in this state, it's a wonder we still have as much to play on as we do. Just look at the number of users there are on this site and look at the Membership of GLFWDA. Pretty poor ratio. There's only one state organization fighting for 4WD access in this state. Think about it.

Just attending the ORV Advisory board, while making you feel like your part of the solution, does nothing to gain us more access to trails in the state. If you had been around 10 years ago you would have seen the real opinion of the DNR about full size vehicles in action. Quoted from one of the meetings from the previous DNR FMFM Chief, The DNR has no intention in supporting or developing Full Size vehicle opportunities in this state. If you want a trail system, go find a friendly legislator and get a law written and develop your own system. This ORV law is NOT for you. This from the previous Chief Hector Chunti.
Now, fast forward to 2007, there has been increasing visibility of full size users in the state at these meetings and we have made ourselves a pain in butt. Most you'll ever get from the Advisory Board is a few nods'. The Advisory Board itself is powerless. They only advise the DNR. The DNR will still do what they want, when they want. 'Some' of the members on the ORV board have lobbying for us to get something. But continuing to attend these meetings will not be the only thing required to get this done. For example, look at St. Helen Motorsport area. Ironman served on the Advisory board for years and we've still not gotten the Rock Crawl in place. Why?????? Lynn Boyd DNR Director cites 'Environmental issues'. Why I asked her when what they were she told me oil spills when the trucks tear open their oil pans. When I told her there was a product that address that issue she said she would look into it. That was 2 years ago. Still nothing on the Rock Crawl.
While this thread has has been all over the place I'm sure you can see that GLFWDA and it's participation in land uses issues with the state is the best solution we have going. I'm sure Trail Fanatic would would welcome any additional help you or some of your members could offer.

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