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Especially one that has been around since 1969 and is recognized as the only voice in Michigan for the Fulsize crowd.

Sounds like someone beleives this statment is not self centered!!!

Ding, Ding, Ding, You are a winner,..........that why you need to get involved with GLFWDA and help out.

and this one misleads people to think they HAVE to join to help out!!
When it it would be helpfull for them to join but they can help on there own if they have the right info. Like where and when board meetings are and where to find the info. Like myself and a few others been doing.

I spent MY momey to drive 120 miles to go to the meeting and didnt pay myself or for my fuel out of any fund to see what was going on with the trail system. I also have offered to drive down and let who want to share the ride go with me at MY expence so if someone wanted to go but couldnt swing the gas expence would beable to go. I again say that everyone can join your ORG if they want to and then we will still only have ONE voice for the board to lissen to. How about your ORG. and 100 other people at the meeting. Such as club members and indeviduals. Even some non wheelers like HUNTERS who may need 4wd to get down that one trail to their favorite huntring spot without the worry of getting a ticket. If you feel that the only way that the trail systems will change and new 4wd trails will be opened is by your ORG. itself than yes self centered. As for my age Looks like I'm old enough to think out side your box so I must be pretty darn old.

I will go to the meetings and let everyone who can't go that I run across know whats going on. I didnt see any post anywhere from you about the last meeting. Oh!! maybe on your web site. I know alot of people who dont even know you exist because they wheel but not in a club or take part in any online forums. Wake up we need to let these people know whats happening as well.

Now If we can agree that All the help we can get will do more than bickering
I will be at the next meeting with as many people who can make it. I am still talking to people and trying to get them to go. I tell someone to go look at the DNR web site and read the ORV board agenda and minute at least 3 times a week. The sad thing is non of them know it exist. By the way how many people on here know that there is even a PUBLIC meeting on this. How many know when the next one is. Or new before My post. Just trying to help out.
So here once again for those who want the info.

When you read this the 1300 miles of trails they talk about is nearly all 24 and 50 inch trails with the proposed useing of some of the forest roads to connect trails to make loops. and the making of new trails for ATV's to keep them away from the full size vehicles so the trails are SAFER. The mentioned several time that there was a need to make sure the ATV's were safe by getting them NEW trails away from the 3000lbs vehicles. What a way to justify the makeing of a new ATV trail and not a 4wd trail. The main Prob in my opinion is that one can drive on a larger trail but not on a smaller trail ( 24 inch may ride 50 , 72" trails and forest roads /// 50 inch can ride 50 and 72 and forest roads but not 24" /// 72" JEEP TRAILS if you fit I'm 78" and will get a ticket if the DNR officer is in a bad mood. can only ride them and seasonaland forest roads. So the making of New 72" 4wd trails will interfere with there plan to sepperate the vehicles. Once they build 4wd trails for us to 4w on the bikes and the quads will be happyas heck to play on them as well. Thuss putting the more Dangerous (acrording to the ORV board) PA300 vehicles in the path of ATV's again. Getting 4wd trails open is going to be a steep uphill battle and we need all the help we can get, Members to clubs ORG's, hunters and private public as well .

Now do you understand or do we need a longer helpfull post with more information on what people can do . Or wait maybe a GL4x4 thread for posting on the subject for questions and answers. That would be a Great Idea. With updates from who ever attends meeting or talks to the DNR or the board. If someone gets troubled by the DNR and have info on whats being done in there area they can post it up.

Example: Dont try to go to Mallory hill on M-18 and more in Rosscond county. Between Meridith and Houghton Lake. They have installed gaurd rails and logs. They watch it daily.Its not worth the trill of great hill climbing.. Though this would be a great possible scramble area if a OREG. wanted to make one or if someone wanted to form a non Profit ORG to do this. Fill out all the paper work go to the meeting apply for a grant wait for the state and make a scramble area. I would help out . This is most likly one of our last resorts.
The Haskill lake area in leota was brought to the DNR's attention last weekend when a truck tryed to cut the corner on the lake (Illegal wheeling) and put their truck out in the lake. A wrecker was called and they had to call the DNR. So I wouldnt go near the north end of Haskill lake anymore. I would bet by the end of fall it will be blocked off. This is what could be great on such a thread.

Thanks for your time again and dont kill the messanger.

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