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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
You do need to be a non profit organization to apply for such a grant.

What would be wrong with joining GLFWDA and doing this leg work with an entire organization behind you? Especially one that has been around since 1969 and is recognized as the only voice in Michigan for the Fulsize crowd.

Just thought I would ask, cant wait to read your answer.
Nothing is wrong with joining I never said it was I was just reaching out to those who may not want join and still want to do something. If they know they can help out with out joining they MAY!! Dont get your pantties in a up roar. Not everyone wants to join Clubs and organizations.Some dont want to or cant afford the memberships. Just letting these people Know they can still help out without paying a ORG to do so . I have talked to several people about the ORV meetings and they are all intrested in going and doing what they can but have NO intrest in joining any groups. To each there own. All the support we can get it support. You have a great ORG . and need all the support you can get Members or NOT So next time read my post more than once and you will see that I never ment your group any slack. As I posted that GL4WDA was doing a great JOB. But for those who dont want to join they dont have to to help out

So there take that answer and shuv it up your self centered ass if you think your ORG is the only hope we have. May be we need all the voices we can get I am trying to get everyone I can on the band wagon and you post that you are the only ones that can do anything. Well Thats great Then So far all the 4wd trails are closed Its a 2wd state with all your help you have been doing for us. So now your getting upset when someone else is trying rally the people who just what to wheel and are willing to what they can as a indevidual with out the preasure of Joining a CLUB /GROUP or ORG.. Sorry I stepped on your toes . I was wrong to think you would take any help you could get.. I want to help out all I can with out spending $35.OO TO JOIN ANOUTHER CLUB.

If you feel I 'm out of line SORRY. But I didnt pitch a bitch in this Thread you did. Read it again PLEASE


As for the next post Where would you think that was pointed at anyone??
Crapp!! Make a general statement to inform people on here to make it so they get the answer they asked for and you get your head bit off. Sorry Im PMSing buttt DAMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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