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Originally Posted by ronprice View Post
At the ORV advisory meeting they kept pointing out that they need to keep the 3000lbs trucks and jeeps off the trails for safty reason do to their size compaired to ATV,s When I mentioned that WE most often are only doing 5- 15 mph on the trails and the ATV's are doing 30+ how are we the unsafe ones. And that the only reason a ATV was ever ran over by a truck is : The ATV came around a corner at 30 and ran into the slow truck. They quickly wanted to change the subject and move onto discussing the building of more 24 and 50 inch trails.
I agree that GL4WDA is do a great job ,But you dont have to JOIN them to voice up if you dont want to. You can still go to the ORV advisory board meeting on Nov.7 th in lansing at the Holliday Inn on west Saginaw. Fill out the comment card and get you 3 minutes to talk. The more Jeep and truck owners we can get to go to the meeting the better chance they will start lissening. The board is made up of ATV supporters and are hell bent on excluding us. They figure 2 to 4 years just in the paper work for the 1300 miles of new ATV trails. The only real way to get 4wd areas as it is , Is to apply for a grant to develope a nonprofit scramble ares that you must maintain with the grant money. You dont have to be a big club or org. to do this . You just have to go threw the process with the state. Then wait for all the bull crap studies to take place. Makeing plans as we speek. Everone who can please go to the next board meeting. I'm going and if some want to meet in Harrison and ride down with me I have room for 5 to go. I will post about it when it gets closer.

By the way Hi (Dave)
You do need to be a non profit organization to apply for such a grant.

What would be wrong with joining GLFWDA and doing this leg work with an entire organization behind you? Especially one that has been around since 1969 and is recognized as the only voice in Michigan for the Fulsize crowd.

Just thought I would ask, cant wait to read your answer.
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