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Default long nite

this is gonna be long winded.............

So i had a few buddies over. We decided we'd hit some trails about 10pm. We head out to the gas station right by my house, and one of the guys gets pooped by a state cop less then a 1/4 mile from my house. So he asks him wheres hes been (his truck was muddy) and if he has seen a camo painted dodge. He hadn't so he quickly let him go on his way. We met up at the gas station and he tells us this. We figure these guys must be out tearing it up and turfing etc........So we got our gas and etc and headed back towards my house to hit the trails. Well we drive past the other gas station on the way to my place and low and behold theirs a camo dodge parked in the lot, and their inside eating hungry howies. So i placed a friendly call to the local dispatch. The guy on the other end was very PLEASED with this news.

So a state cruiser pulls up and gets their info and etc, then another cruiser pulls, then the C.O. pulls up, don't know what they got or what was the outcome. Then a jeep pulls up with some older gentleman in it, We figure they must be property owners.

So we hit the trails and go by a little business on one of the roads (in the middle of no where) and those older gentleman are standing there. So i stopped and talked to them, inform them that not all wheelers are bad etc....and wanted to get the story. So apparently these guys are out turfing fields, tearing up intersections, vandalizing parked vehicles, buildings etc......and they have been up to it for 18 months..........and these older guys are just as pissed as the rest of us about the DNR closing our trails.

And to boot all, the kids tearing all this shit up had their MOM with them
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